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CYAFIXED was born more than twenty years ago in the beautiful coastal city of China, CYAFIXED insists on using the highest quality raw materials and producing each bottle of glue in our own factory through an exacting scientific process. More than just a superb glue manufacturing company, but a symbol of precision and commitment, CYAFIXED has distinguished itself from the very beginning with its specialized manufacturing processes and unparalleled product quality.

The founders understood that precision and reliability are the most basic needs of the user, whether it's restoring an antique piece of furniture or reaching a delicate carpentry project at work or even the most common bonding in the home.




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Our Advantages

CYAFIXED doesn't just make glue - we make possibilities. With an extensive product line of glues ranging from professional-grade to everyday use, we offer solutions especially for delicate woodworking crafts and quick, everyday fixes.CYAFIXED's mission is to enhance not only an individual's restorative and creative abilities, but also to strengthen a company's brand power with every drop of glue.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art gluing solutions to the global market, and this pursuit of excellence is reflected in our slogan "Precision in Every Drop", which promises that every drop of CYAFIXED glue delivers the best possible bonding results, helping users to realize their creativity and restoration in every aspect of their home, work and life. Not only do we cater to the needs of ordinary consumers, we also provide customized services for commercial customers. We offer a one-stop customization service where business customers can customize unique product styles, including specific volumes, models, and packaging designs with company logos. Through this service, we help companies strengthen their brand image while ensuring that the product precisely meets their specific needs.

Strong production line

We have strong capabilities in both product development and production.

Exquisite Products

Our products meet all your gluing needs, whether in materials, in cluding metals, plastics, wood, and ceramics etc.

Fast and Safe Shipping

All of our products are in our perfect warehouse location, which can guarantee safe and fast delivery to you