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CYAFIXED has become synonymous with high-quality adhesives that can bond a widerange of materials, including metals, plastics, wood, and ceramics.

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🌟 Customize Your Own Super Glue🌟

【Personalized Design Tailored Just for You】
 Your creativity, our professional realization! On our customization platform, you can choose unique packaging designs, tweak professional formulas, and even create your own product labels. Whether it's infusing products with personal style or meeting specific industrial needs, we provide the service to make it happen.
 【Quality, Our Promise】
 Our Super Glue is not just strong in adhesion but also durable. With your personal touch, our products will perfectly meet your specific needs, whether for household repairs or professional-grade projects.
 【Broad Applications, Infinite Possibilities】
 Whether it's everyday home repairs, precision industrial manufacturing, or artistic creation, our Super Glue offers the ideal solution. Let our product be your go-to helper for all purposes.
【Efficient Service, Swift Delivery】
 We promise that from customization to delivery, every step is quick and efficient. Ensuring that you receive your satisfactory product in the shortest time. 
【Comprehensive Customer Support】 
Encountered any problems? Our customer service team is always on standby, ready to provide you with professional consultation and support.


When using superglues in the past, have you ever experienced any of the problems below?

⭐Clogged glue head? We use a special needle design.

⭐Refined bonding? We provide microtip needles.

⭐Poor bonding? We are a manufacturer of industrial grade raw materials.


Our products will meet all your glue needs

Less Dosage & 
Fast Drying

What sets our fast drying super glue apart is its fast cure time. Within seconds of application, you'll notice a strong, long-lasting bond. No more wasting precious time waiting for the glue to set.

Industrial Grade Formulation

CYAFIXED's unique formula has been experimented in a variety of application scenarios to create a high performance industrial grade cyanoacrylate super glue.

Wide range of applications

Whether it's for model repair and building, or general home repair, it's your best choice. From plastic, metal, wood, to rubber, glass, ceramics, etc., it is applicable.

Variety of categories

CYAFIXED understands the practical applications of countless users and has developed a more professional adhesive product line to enable users to complete bonding projects faster and better.

Customers Testimonials

“I use a lot of super glue in my projects and this glue performs well. It holds tenaciously unless you put it in a watery environment where any CVA glue would have a problem. When I need more glue in about a month I will probably purchase this glue again.”


"I am very impressed with CYAFIXED's Super Glue. The medium viscosity glue is ideal anywhere. The cap has a screw-on design for easy storage and the well-made cap is also well made and does not dry out after a period of use. All in all, I highly recommend this super glue to anyone looking for a high quality, versatile, easy to use glue that can handle a variety of projects."


“Cyafixed's glue is great, I did a a lot of repairs to my Mom's bird house's from outside. They were made out wood, some were made out of fiber glass and a few were ceramic. The super glue mixed with a combination of granules and baking soda, turned into a hard like plastic within seconds. You could manage trimming, sanding, and painting afterwards without delay.”


"As a woodworking enthusiast, I have tried many adhesives, but CYAFIXED CA Glue for Woodworking is simply outstanding. The Medium & Thin viscosity set is perfect for different woodworking applications. The glue spreads evenly, provides excellent bonding strength, and dries quickly without leaving any residue. I trust CYAFIXED for all my woodworking projects."


"I can't say enough good things about CYAFIXED Super Glue. The Medium Thin viscosity is perfect for my precise projects. It bonds instantly, holds tight, and provides a professional finish. From small repairs to intricate crafts, this glue never fails to impress. CYAFIXED Super Glue is a must-have for any DIY enthusiast or professional."


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